Well drafted contracts and policies are essential to properly protect both employers and employees and help ensure the smooth running of a business. These are especially important when the contract or policy will govern the exit or entry of an employee. A badly managed exit or entry may have very negative implications for both employers and employees. The right strategies and fair outcomes must be considered in negotiating contracts and severance terms.

Our Services

  • Work with both employers and employees to manage and negotiate entries and exits quickly and tactfully, pre-empting the fallout and minimising disruption and reputational damage to both the business and the individuals concerned
  • Advising on collective agreements, mutual separation agreements and voluntary separation schemes and the preparation of documents incidental thereto
  • Reviewing and drafting employment contracts
  • Structuring retrenchment exercises and preparing all relevant documentation
  • Reviewing and redrafting employees’ handbooks/manuals to ensure compliance with employment laws of Malaysia
  • Structuring effective performance review plans

Our Experience

  • Successfully negotiated the terms of a Mutual Separation Scheme on behalf of an employee and secured an ex-gratia payment of over RM123,000 which was double the original amount offered by the employer (RM47,000).
  • Successfully negotiated amicable settlement on behalf of a local private company resulting in the withdrawal of a complaint to the Industrial Relations Department made by the former employee.

Related Services

Our Employment Department offers consultation on a retainer basis to businesses and employers. Our hassle-free retainer gives you access to our qualified lawyers by email, phone or in meetings at our office.

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