By John Chan, Ashvinderjeet Kaur and Ryan Cheong

During the  Movement Control Order (‘’MCO’’) from 18 March 2020 to 1 April 2020, the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (‘’KPKT’’) issued several FAQs to regulate the management, maintenance, activities, facilities and services in strata schemes across the country. In line with the Conditional Movement Control Order (“CMCO”) from 4 May 2020 to 9 June 2020, KPKT issued an updated FAQ and SOP on 9.5.2020 and 18.5.2020 respectively to help guide strata management bodies back into normalcy. Below are some of the activities, facilities and services currently allowed and prohibited respectively by KPKT during the CMCO as at 18.5.2020:


1. Community movement within the strata scheme area with social distancing (movement in conjunction festivities and religious activities are subject to Government SOPs and directions);

2. Opening and operations of commercial premises (subject to National Security Council’s (“MKN”) SOPs);

3. Opening and operations of the management office with maximum capacity, open to the general public (opening hours for residential strata schemes: 8:00am to 5:00pm);

4. Renovation works (subject to written approval from management and local authority). Renovation works to be done at the following times:

    • Commercial (retail): Monday to Sunday (including public holidays) from 10:00pm to 9:00am; 
    • Commercial (office): Monday to Sunday (including public holidays) from 6:00pm to 9:00am; 
    • Residential: Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Works with loud noises (such as drilling) between 9:00am to 1:00pm only. 

5. Critical management operations such as water, electricity, security, cleaning, lift maintenance and pump systems;

6. Repair works;

7. Short term rental accommodation activities like Airbnb in commercial and landed strata parcels only (owner must inform management of any guests’ presence so the relevant unit can be sanitised beforehand);

8. Post, courier and delivery personnel right up to the security guardhouse/counter or a specific place as determined by management (subject to body temperature scan and reading of not be more than 37.5 degrees celsius). Post personnel right up to the mailbox room;

9. Outdoor activities which do not involve physical contact or team sports;

10. Physical management committee meetings (not more than 10 persons with social distancing);


11. Moving in and out (movers are required to inform the management the moving date and only tenants who have signed a contract are allowed to move in). 

12. Installation and hacking works (air conditioner, kitchen cabinet and tiling)(subject to approval from management)



1. AGMs and EGMs;

2. Commercial premises carrying out prohibited activities listed in the Schedule of the Prevention and Control Of Infectious Diseases (Measures Within Infected Local Areas) (No. 6) Regulations 2020;

3. Rental and usage of common property such as halls, gyms, badminton courts and swimming pools (car parks allowed subject to general meeting approval);

4. Visitors in general, except in the following circumstances (subject to body temperature scan and reading of not be more than 37.5 degrees celsius):

a. Children, siblings and caretakers visiting senior citizen residents who live alone or require supervision;

b. Close family members and caretakers visiting sick (non-Covid-19 or other infectious diseases) or weak residents who require permanent supervision;

c. Close family members or medical practitioners visiting residents who require immediate medical intervention;

d. Close family members and caretakers in the case of a resident’s death;

e. Any individual, family member or organisation providing basic and essential goods to residents (subject to prior approval from management);

f. Contractors, vendors, employees, service providers, customers or any companies, bodies, individuals which have dealings with the management or owners f (subject to the approval from management);

g. Visitors visiting for festivities with no more than 20 people visiting in a day at any one time (limited to close family members and on the first day of festivities only).


By John Chan, Ashvinderjeet Kaur and Ryan Cheong


Note: This article does not constitute legal advice to any specific case. The facts and circumstances of each and every case will differ and therefore will require specific legal advice. Feel free to contact us for complimentary legal consultation.