Puan Sarah Kambali, a partner and head of the Real Estate Practice Group in MahWengKwai & Associates, will be delivering a talk and sharing her experiences on “Client Management” and “Clients’ Interest” at the first session of day 2 of the “2-Days Practical Workshop on Basic Conveyancing Practice” hosted and organized by the Kuala Lumpur Bar Conveyancing and Corporate Practice Committee.

Puan Sarah aims to create much needed awareness of the responsibilities and duties that are required from solicitors in a real estate transaction; be it as simple as meeting the client for the first time OR evaluating on whether to accept a brief due to conflict with legal standing / ties between the potential client and current legal obligation of the solicitor OR discussion of the fees to be paid OR updating the client and managing the expectation of a client.

Being in the real estate practice for almost twelve years, Puan Sarah would like to ensure that the legal practice of real estate transactions remain courteous, honourable and trust-worthy. Hence, the two-hour talk, though short, will aim to bring the audience, whether a solicitor or a lay person, a better understanding of the responsibility and duties of a solicitor in a real estate transaction.

The full programme can be viewed here