Real Estate 

Our Real Estate Practice Group are well-versed in drafting and preparing Sale and Purchase Agreements and have vast experience in sub-sale transactions for both landed and non-landed properties and mixed developments. We are committed to delivering efficient and effective legal solutions in all forms of property transactions.
Our lawyers also play an active role in advising the purchasers of Developers’ projects and preparing the relevant documents for financial loan application with major banking institutions in Malaysia. We are on the panel of a large number of banks as well as financial institutions and we have recently been elected as a panel law firm for Lembaga Pembiayaan Perumahan Sektor Awam (LPPSA).
On an international level, we had opportunities to advise numerous international companies including major conglomerates from China and Indonesia. We also advised clients from the United Kingdom and Australia.
We understand the commerciality of issues and law in respect of real estate. Our team is also experienced in resolving disputes and disagreements that are part of the business of owning and/or occupying property.

Our Services

We have a team of lawyers with in-depth knowledge and understanding to offer comprehensive legal advice to our clients on a wide range of matters. Our services and support include, but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • Transfer of Property
  • Perfection of Transfer and Charge
  • Discharge of Charge
  • Deed of receipt and reassignment
  • Settlement Agreement (Transfer of Properties and Shares)
  • Application of Consent – State, Low-Cost or Foreigner

Property Litigation

  • Trespass
  • Breach of contract
  • Recovery of land
  • Removal of caveats
  • Partition of land
  • Subdivision of property
  • Joint venture disputes
  • Termination of co-proprietorship
  • Orders for specific performance
  • Maintenance and service charge disputes; and Landlord and tenant issues including rental arrears
  • forfeiture and lease renewals

Our Experience

Our portfolio of experience for projects with developers such as:

  • Eco World Development Group Bhd
  • Sime Darby Properties Sdn Bhd
  • OSK Properties Sdn Bhd

Our experiences in the past also  include:

  • Representing and advising clients on disputes relating to termination of co-proprietorship in properties
  • Representing and advising clients on landlord and tenant disputes relating to rent arrears, forfeiture and lease renewals Representing and advising clients on disputes relating to the execution of sale and purchase agreement of land
  • Representing and advising clients on breach of contracts relating to real estate
  • Representing and advising clients on partitioning and subdividing of land
  • Liaising with property valuers

Some of our notable past experiences are as follows:

  • Termination of co-proprietorship in properties We represented several applicants who intended to terminate their co-proprietorship of a 4 storey building in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur (“Property”) by way of an order for sale. The co-proprietors have not been on speaking terms for more than a decade over the disputes and disagreements of their rights and entitlements in the Property. In the circumstances, the application was filed on the basis that the impasse between the co-proprietors made it necessary and expedient for the co-proprietorship be terminated.

Partition of land

We represented a co-proprietor of a land which has been divided into two (2) portions. On each portion stood a semi-detached house with a common boundary wall. The co-proprietor wished to partition the said land according to the established boundary of the land to obtain a separate register document of title for the semi-detached houses. The High Court found merits in our client’s application and allowed the partition.

Landlord and tenant disputes

We represented landlords by issuing Notice of Forfeiture against tenants who failed to pay rent and refused to vacate the premises. The Notice of Forfeiture demanded the tenants to make all payments due and owing to the landlords, failing which the tenancy agreement was deemed terminated.
On the other hand, we also advised tenants in disputes where the landlords did not adhere to covenants stipulated in the tenancy agreements.

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