On 27 February 2020, our Managing Partner, Raymond Mah, was invited to speak at the Strata Development & Dispute Resolution Seminar organised by the Real Estate and Housing Developers Association Institute (“REHDA Institute”).

In his presentation entitled “Understanding the Common and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods in Strata Living”, Raymond explained the setting, procedures and jurisdiction of the Strata Management Tribunal and the Malaysian civil Courts as two common dispute resolution methods open to developers, joint management bodies, management corporations and individual parcel owners.

Raymond also presented on other legal remedies available to developers, joint management bodies and management corporations in collecting outstanding maintenance charges from individual parcel owners which include publishing the defaulters’ names on notice boards, deactivation of defaulters’ access cards, restricting the defaulters’ access to common facilities, entering into instalment payment schemes with defaulters, reporting the defaulters to CTOS/CCRIS and obtaining a warrant of attachment against the defaulters’ property.

Finally, Raymond cautioned developers, joint management bodies and management corporations against using illegal methods such as the clamping of defaulters’ electricity and water supply and restricting defaulters’ access into their main and accessory parcels.

MWKA together with Raymond would like to thank REHDA Institute for inviting Raymond to speak and share his knowledge and experience at the Seminar. MWKA’s Senior Associate, John Chan, and Pupil in Chambers, Celinne Teh assisted Raymond in his presentation.

Datuk Muztaza Mohamad presenting a token of appreciation to Raymond Mah

(From left) Lai Chee Hoe, Roshan Kshatriya, Datuk Charlie Chia, Datuk Muztaza Mohamad, Raymond Mah and Ngian Siew Siong


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