This MWKA Online Talk was delivered on 3 April 2020 by speaker Ms Christine Toh, Partner of MahWengkwai & Associates and Mr John Wong, Director of Charlton Martin Consultants, together with moderator Ms Hannah Patrick, Senior Associate. Please visit to register for upcoming talks.

OVERVIEW: The Movement Control Order (“MCO”) has forced most businesses in the construction industry to suspend their operations. According to the FAQs issued by the Ministry of Works on 18 March 2020 (updated on 24 March 2020) and 1 April 2020, only construction works which fall within the definition of “critical works” may continue during the MCO. All other construction and maintenance work have to be suspended. In Part 2 of this online talk, our Ms Christine answered popular questions which were asked in Part 1 of this talk on 2 April 2020 ( She then interviewed Mr John Wong on practical issues contractors face and the ways their interests may be protected from the effects of the MCO.

TOPIC: How should Contractors in the Construction Industry manage the problems arising from the COVID-19 MCO? (Part 2):

An interview with John Wong from Charlton Martin Consultants

SPEAKERS: Christine Toh, Partner of MahWengKwai & Associates and John Wong, Director of Charlton Martin Consultants
MODERATOR: Hannah Patrick, Senior Associate

A copy of the talk slides in PDF format is available for download here.

Part 2: How should Contractors in the Construction Industry manage the COVID-19 MCO?

3 April, 2020


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