This MWKA Online Talk was delivered on 8 April 2020 by speaker Ms Mei Lum, Co-Founder of MWKA Technologies and moderator Ms Lisa Goh, Content Strategist and Editorial Head. Please visit to register for upcoming talks.
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OVERVIEW: Most business owners have been stuck at home hoping for a quick end to this health and business crisis. However, our analysis has shown that we may be in this emergency Remote Work scenario for longer than we expected. This workshop was conducted to help map out strategies for people and businesses to settle into the dramatic changes in the work environment and navigate workforce planning considerations for the next 3-12 weeks and beyond. At the end of the workshop, participants learned what they had to do in order to survive, and over time, thrive.

TOPIC: Business Continuity during COVID-19: The Show Must Go On


Market analysis + managing COVID-19 restrictions/ limitations on business

Map effective strategies for managing remote work and maintaining productivity
● Set expectations
● Invest resources
● Build trust
● Encourage interaction

Taking care of your People online: collaboration, engagement, physical, mental and emotional well-being

Trust, Knowledge, Process, Tools & Productivity

SPEAKER: Mei Lum, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant, MWKA Tech
MODERATOR: Lisa Goh, Content Strategist and Editorial Head

A copy of the talk slides in PDF format is available for download here.

MWKA Tech: Business Continuity during COVID-19: The Show Must Go On

8 April, 2020


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