This MWKA Online Talk was delivered on 12 June 2024 by Mr Jeremy Balang and Ms Daphne Rethual and moderated by Ms Amanda Pon. Please visit to register for upcoming talks.

Losing a loved one due to medical negligence is undoubtedly a devastating experience. Families left behind often grapple with grief, confusion, and a multitude of questions surrounding their rights and options for seeking justice, redress, compensation, etc.

Join our online webinar, where we aim to provide clarity and guidance to families who have lost a loved one due to medical negligence. Members of our firm’s dedicated medical department as well as our dedicated wills, trusts and probate department will cover issues concerning the obtaining of medical records, the applicable limitation periods for such claims, as well as issues involving drafting and preparing of wills, obtaining the grant of probate or letters of administration. Our speakers will also answer questions posed by our webinar participants.

Talk Points:

  • Obtaining discovery of medical records
  • Types of claims and limitation periods
  • Damages claimable for medical negligence
  • Applying for grants of representation

Speaker: Jeremy Balang (Senior Associate), Daphne Rethual (Senior Associate)
Moderator: Amanda Pon (Pupil In Chambers)

A copy of the talk slide in PDF format is available for download here.


Navigating Medical Negligence Claims: Guidance for Families of Deceased Patients

9 July, 2024


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