This MWKA Online Talk was delivered on 1st December 2021 by Mr Gan Chong Chieh, Ms Sarah Kambali and moderated by Ms Karmen Fung and Ms Anis Mohd Sohaimi. Please visit to register for upcoming talks.

Did you know that there are two different sets of laws governing inheritance in Malaysia? If you are a Muslim, your estate planning will be in accordance with the Syariah law; whereas if you are a non-Muslim, the civil law provisions will apply to your estate planning. Join us for this interesting discussion to learn more about the similarities and differences between the two estate planning – Islamic & Civil.

Talk points:
● Will and Wasiat
● Grant of Probate/Grant of Letters of Administration
● Distribution Act 1958 vs. Faraid System
● Administration of Estates
● Resolving estate disputes

Speakers: Gan Chong Chieh (Partner) and Sarah Kambali (Partner)

Moderator: Karmen Fung (Associate) and Anis Mohd Sohaimi (Associate)

A copy of the talk slides in PDF format is available for download here.

Islamic Estate Planning vs. Civil Law Estate Planning

29 December, 2021


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