This MWKA Online Talk was delivered on 24 April 2020 by Puan Sarah Kambali and Ms Anis Mohd Sohaimi. Please visit to register for upcoming talks.

OVERVIEW: As a Muslim, do you understand what is Faraid and its relevance to you? Faraid is a concept in Islamic Law, which determines the distribution of a deceased’s property to heirs in portions as set out in Al-Quran, As-Sunnah and Al-’Ijma. Faraid applies to Muslims and it is necessary for Muslims to learn about Faraid to understand the portions of the legal heirs to plan a better inheritance scheme. In this online talk, our speakers explained the basic principles of Faraid and demonstrated how such distribution would be calculated in given scenarios. Our speakers also illustrated the different categories of legal heirs and highlighted scenarios where some legal heirs may be impeded from inheriting a portion of the deceased’s property.

TOPIC: Introduction to Faraid and the Law of Inheritance for Muslims

● What is Faraid?
● Who are Quranic Heirs?
● What are the basic portions of Quranic Heirs?
● Why are there Quranic Heirs that do not inherit?

SPEAKERS: Sarah Kambali (Partner), Anis Mohd Sohaimi (Associate)
MODERATOR: Marcus Leong (Associate)

A copy of the talk slides in PDF format is available for download here.

Introduction to Faraid and the Law of Inheritance for Muslims

24 April, 2020


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