This MWKA Online Talk was delivered on 5 April 2023 by Ms Vivien Fan and Mr Ow Jeong Jun and moderated by Ms Jasmine Wee. Please visit to register for upcoming talks.


Are squatters illegally occupying your land, causing you financial loss and inconvenience? As a landowner, you have the right to file legal proceedings under Order 89 of the Rules of Court 2012 to evict them, but do you know what the process entails and what your rights are as a landowner?

Join us for our upcoming webinar where our property disputes lawyers will guide you through the legal process of evicting squatters and provide you with insights into the rights of landowners and squatters in Malaysia.

Talk points:

  • Rights of landowners
  • Court process to evict squatters
  • The difference between evicting squatters and tenants
  • Pitfalls and tips for evicting squatters

Speakers: Vivien Fan (Senior Associate) and Ow Jeong Jun (Associate)
Moderator: Jasmine Wee (Pupil In Chambers)

A copy of the talk slides in PDF format is available for download here.

Eviction of Squatters: A Landowner’s Right to Vacant Possession

11 July, 2023


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