This MWKA Online Talk was delivered on 3 July 2020 by Ms Diana Cheak and Ms Jasmine Wong and moderated by Ms Wong Sue Ann. Please visit to register for upcoming talks.


As an employer, what can you do if your employee violates the company’s rules or policies? What disciplinary action can be taken against the employee? Can you dismiss your employee summarily? In this online talk, our speakers explained the legal principles in handling employee misconduct. Our speakers also discussed the applicable guidelines and best practices in holding a domestic inquiry.


  • Examples of misconduct
  • The law governing employee misconduct
  • What is a Domestic Inquiry?
  • Guidelines and Best Practices for Domestic Inquiries
  • Consequences of failing to hold a Domestic Inquiry

SPEAKER: Diana Cheak (Senior Associate) & Jasmine Wong (Associate)

MODERATOR: Wong Sue Ann (Associate)

A copy of the talk slides in PDF format is available for download here.

Employee Misconduct and Domestic Inquiry

3 July, 2020


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