This MWKA Online Talk was delivered on 2 December 2020 by Ms Prisilla Chong & Ms Vivien Fan and moderated by Ms Karmen Fung. Please visit to register for upcoming talks.


An executor/trustee has a duty to protect the rights and interests of the beneficiaries of an estate. A breach of duty by an executor/trustee may give rise to claims by beneficiaries. Join us for this online talk, in which our speakers will explain what executors/trustees are supposed to do and what beneficiaries can do to protect their interests.

Talk points:

● Control of entry and entry permits under the Immigration Act 1959/1963 and Immigration Regulations 1963.

● Immigration-related offences such as illegal entry, overstaying, falsifying documents.

● Employer’s obligations when employing foreign employees.

● Powers of Immigration Officers to conduct inquiries, interrogations, and to search and arrest.

Speakers: Prisilla Chong (Associate) & Vivien Fan (Associate)

Moderator: Karmen Fung (Associate)

Duties of Executors and Trustees: What You Need To Know

8 December, 2020


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