This MWKA Online Talk was delivered on 4 May 2020 by Ms Vivien Fan and Mr Wong Chee En. Please visit to register for upcoming talks.

OVERVIEW: What amounts to an arrest and what happens upon arrest, particularly now during the MCO? Everyone has rights which should be respected and safeguarded during arrest, and it is important that you know your rights. This is especially so that you do not waive your rights, prejudice your defence or commit any further offences during arrest. In this online talk, our speakers explained your rights, the do’s and don’ts when you or your loved one is facing an arrest as well as the procedures and guidelines from the stage of arrest up to bail application in Court. As there are rising concerns on the arrests made by the police for breaching the MCO regulations, our speakers also addressed the concerns raised in relation to arrests, remand and bail during MCO period.

TOPIC: Arrest, Remand & Bail during MCO: Knowing Your Rights

● What amounts to an arrest? What are your rights?
● What is remand? How long can you be detained?
● What happens if you are stopped during MCO?
● What happens when you are charged?
● What is bail? How do you obtain bail?

SPEAKERS: Vivien Fan (Associate), Wong Chee En (Associate)

A copy of the talk slides in PDF format is available for download here.

Arrest, Remand & Bail during MCO: Knowing Your Rights

4 May, 2020


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