This MWKA Online Talk was delivered on 8 May 2024 by Ms Agalya J Munusamy and Ms Kirthika Padmanapan and moderated by Ms Mehgala Rajendran. Please visit to register for upcoming talks.

Join us for an essential webinar designed to guide families through the process of applying for commutation for loved ones facing the death penalty or natural life imprisonment. With recent sentencing reforms pursuant to the Mandatory Death Penalty Act 2023 and the Revision of Sentence of Death and Imprisonment for Natural Life (Temporary Jurisdiction of The Federal Court) Act 2023, new avenues have opened for challenging the most severe sentences. Our lawyers will provide insight into eligibility, application procedures, and the impact of recent court decisions, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate these critical changes.

Talk Points:

  • Overview of Sentencing Reforms
  • Eligibility for Sentence Commutation
  • Commutation Application Process
  • Recent Court Decision

Speaker: Agalyja J Munusamy (Senior Associate), Kirthika Padmanapan (Associate)
Moderator: Mehgala Rajendran(Pupil In Chambers)

A copy of the talk slide in PDF format is available for download here.


Applying to Commute Death and Life Sentences under Malaysia’s 2023 Criminal Law Reforms

4 June, 2024


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