The NLAF is governed by a Board of Directors chaired by the Attorney General. Other members are the Bar Council President, Secretary General of Treasury, the Director General of Legal Affairs Division, the Director General of Welfare Department, the Director General of Legal Aid Department, President of the Sabah Law Association, President of the Sarawak Advocates Association, a Dean of the Faculty of Law in public learning institution and two representatives from the non-governmental organisations to be appointed by the Minister.

The legal aid and advice in criminal matters will be given to all Malaysian citizens at the stage of arrest, remand and bail application. The means test will only be conducted for the purpose of determining who is eligible for legal representation at the trial stage.

The NLAF was established with a view to provide legal assistance to those who cannot afford to engage a lawyer to argue their case in court. About 80% of accused persons brought to court for criminal cases have no lawyers to defend them.

Our lawyers and pupils-in-chambers regularly volunteer to assist in such matters.