Medical law is an area of law which governs the responsibilities of medical practitioners and the rights of patients. Notwithstanding the medical practitioners’ best intentions for the patients, occasional mistakes and carelessness are unfortunate realities of medical treatment which may result in pain, injury, financial loss or even death.

We provide legal representation and advisory services to patients and their representatives in medical cases involving allegations of failure to obtain informed consent, surgical mishaps, misdiagnosis and delayed treatment. We represent patients in settlement negotiations, mediation and in court in claims against medical practitioners and medical centres.

Our Services

  • Advising patients on their rights and remedies in cases of medical negligence
  • Negotiating amicable settlements with the doctors on behalf of the patients
  • Representing patients in legal proceedings against health care professionals including doctors and medical centres including hospitals
  • Consulting with and obtaining advice and expert opinions from medical professionals who are experts in their respective fields of medicine who may be called to attend trial to give evidence in court.

Our Experience

  • Advised and represented patients in claims against doctors and hospitals for medical negligence occurring during surgery
  • Negotiated claims for compensation on behalf of the patients
  • Represented patients in disciplinary hearings against the medical practitioners at the Malaysian Medical Council

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Review & Testimonial

  • “We are very thankful to Jasmine who has been very supportive of us and caring through the whole process, and for her legal knowledge and expertise. She was very cool and calm, even when things got hard. No amount of money can give me my life back, but at least, with this win, we got our justice. Thank you Jasmine, and also Chee En and the MWKA team for assisting and representing us in our medical matter.” – Madam Y, Kuala Lumpur
  • “MWKA arranged for us to have a consultation with a doctor for his expert opinion. We obtained professional advice from the expert doctor and MWKA’s lawyers Jasmine Wong and Carolyn Ng. The team was quick, responsive and alerted me to all of the highlighted issues. Even though my case involves new medical issues, the team did their best to listen and come out with the best possible solution. Thumbs up!!! Highly recommended 👌🏻” – Bashir, Kuala Lumpur
  • “I am very pleased with the services provided by MahWengKwai & Associates. Jasmine & Kar Men assisted me efficiently throughout the way. Everything was professionally conducted. My case was settled amicably and I am very pleased with the outcome. Thank you MWKA!” – Dr FA, Kota Bharu
Jasmine Wong
Senior Associate
Jeremy Balang
Karmen Fung
Wong Chee En

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