Sarah Kambali is one of the Partners in MahWengKwai & Associates. Sarah’s main practice areas are Real Estate and Syariah Estate transactions. Her scope includes advising on documentation for real estate, loan/facility and inheritance of a Muslim; namely on Faraid (distribution), Wasiat (Muslim Wills) and Hibah (Gift).

Sarah obtained her Bachelor of Laws LLB (Hons) in 2006 from the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). In addition, she obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Syariah Law and Practice from the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in 2018. She chambered under Mr Richard Wee in Azizah, Sarina & Khoo and was called to the Bar in 2007. She then joined MahWengKwai & Associates as a senior associate together with Mr Richard Wee in 2016. Sarah was made a partner of the firm in March 2019.

Sarah is a member of the Selangor Bar’s Conveyancing Practice Committee. Her involvement in the State Bar’s Practice Committee keeps her up to date with the latest development affecting her real estate practice and issues involving the land office, municipal councils and inland revenue board and stamping departments.

Career to date

2019   Partner, MahWengKwai & Associates
2016   Senior Associate, MahWengKwai & Associates
2013   Senior Associate, Richard Wee & Yip
2010   Associate, Richard Wee & Yip
2008   Associate, David Gurupatham & Koay
2008   Associate, Kamaruddin & Partners
2007   Called to the Malaysian Bar
2007   Pupil-in-Chambers

Educational achievements

2018    Postgraduate Diploma in Syariah Law and Practice Universiti Technology MARA

2006   Bachelor of Laws, LLB (Hons) Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws, International Islamic University Malaysia

Particular conveyancing experience

  • Drafting, reviewing, preparing and attending to the execution of Sale and Purchase Agreements and ancillary documents for sub-sale transactions.
  • Drafting and preparing the discharge and/or reassignment documents for the execution of the Bank and/or Borrower.
  • Drafting, reviewing, preparing and attending to the execution of Tenancy and Lease Agreement.
  • Drafting, reviewing, preparing and attending to the execution of a Settlement Agreement whereby the settlement includes property transaction.
  • Advising clients on application of Good Service Tax (GST) in sale and purchase and tenancy and lease transactions.
  • Attended talks and seminars organised by the Bar Council to understand further the mechanism and implication of GST on a property transaction.
  • Reviewing, advising client on terms and conditions of the Sale and Purchase Agreement in Schedule G & Schedule H and attending execution of the same.
  • Liaising with the land office on number of issues pertaining to registration of transfer and transmission due to death.
  • In communication with the stamping officers at Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri to ascertain the stamp duty for transfer in unique transmission cases.
  • One of the speakers in the Conveyancing and Corporate Practice Committee, Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee (CCPC KLBC) – 2-Days Seminar for Conveyancing in year 2014 to 2019. She presents the aspects of a practitioner’s role in Malaysia for the topics of Client Management and Client Duties.

Particular corporate and commercial experience

  • Drafting, reviewing, preparing and attending to the execution of share sale agreement and all other ancillary documents.
  • Drafting, reviewing, preparing and attending to the execution of shareholders’ agreement and all other ancillary documents.
  • Drafting, reviewing, preparing and attending to the execution of share option.
  • Drafting, reviewing, preparing and attending to the execution of a settlement agreement, wherein the mode of settlement is transfer of properties and shares.
  • Drafting, reviewing and preparing the voluntary separation scheme agreement.
  • Drafting and reviewing commercial contracts; which includes but not limited to logistic and storage contract, non-disclosure agreements, letter of understanding, standard terms and conditions of a machinery rentals and after sales service, joint-venture agreements, entertainment agreements.
  • Preparing and attending the execution of Moneylending Agreement from Schedule K of the Moneylenders’ Act 1951 together with the Charge Annexures and Directors’ Letter of Guarantee.
  • Reviewing and advising client on terms and conditions of a franchise agreement.
  • Reviewing, commenting and advising the client of the terms and conditions on the client’s website.
  • Drafting, reviewing, preparing and attending as witness to the execution of will.
  • Prepare and submit the application for trademark of Richard Wee & Yip’s “RWY” Logo and “Bridging Gaps”.

Reviews & Testimonials

  • “MWKA’s professionalism is incomparable. Regular advice, responsive feedback and constant follow-up never ceased. Ms Sarah Kambali is attentive & focused on client care.” – Ms Chua, Dubai
  • “Ms Sarah and Ms Marilyn are the benchmarks of professionalism. Kudos!!!” – Ms Wong, Selangor
  • “Sarah and the team did a good job handling our Deed of Reassignment. She provided regular updates throughout the timeline until the completion. Whenever we have queries, her response is quick. There was no unnecessary delay. Thank you, Sarah & team” 🙂  – Jimmy & Kelly Gan
  • “Sarah Kambali helped me with loan redemption and issuance of title. It was a super smooth process with me not having to leave my house. She was attentive and kept me updated along the way. I am comforted with the services provided. This is the second time I have engaged this firm with legal matters (the first one being the writing of my will) – and both times with amazing advice and service rendered. I see potential with the lawyers here!” – Sharmila Sinnathurai, Kuala Lumpur
  • “MahWengKwai & Associates is a law firm that can be believed and trusted. Their work is fast and very careful. It is an establisehd and reliable firm of lawyers. Thank you so much Sarah for your kind assistance.” – Tina Chew, Selangor
  • “Today, we are spoilt for choice when we need the services of a lawyer. Being laypeople, we need to find one who will explain to us in clear, concise terms the processes involved. Recently we wanted to expedite the sale of a property. We were recommended to Sarah Kambali. We were fortunate as Sarah proved to be very accommodating any time we wanted an explanation about any issue. We are completely satisfied with her professionalism in handling our file and the transaction was expediently and efficiently concluded. We would not hesitate to recommend her services to friends and relatives.” – Suzie Ong, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • “I’m writing to thank Sarah Kambali for doing a good job. I’ve had many encounters with her during the course of my properties sale, discharge of charge etc. And Sarah has always been responsible and most pleasant in our communications either by telephone or emails. She will handle my cases in a timely manner. I would strongly recommend her services to friends and relatives in the future.” – Tan Meow Ai, Kuala Lumpur
  • “Engaged MWKA to help my mother and I purchase an apartment unit. The lawyer who helped us was Sarah Kambali. Sarah was very helpful, transparent and efficient. The house purchase was completed quickly and we were provided with all details of the transaction. Sarah also helped us resolve an issue arising from an error submitted by the seller. All in all, we thought Sarah was very effective in her role and will definitely engage her again if we need help in the future. Thank you, Sarah and MWKA.” -Azmil Mohd Said, Selangor
  • “Highly professional and so efficient in conducting their tasks. I would recommend anyone to engage their services if professionalism is of great importance — a special mention for Sarah Kambali, who handled my case to my great satisfaction.” –  Jasmine Oh, Selangor
  • “I appointed Richard Wee to deal with a sale of a real estate property sometime in 2018. His team from the Real Estate Practice Group, namely Puan Sarah Kambali and Mr. Marcus Leong, was assisting him in the transaction; which includes vetting through the agreement, dealing with my bank for discharging the property and also communicating with the purchaser solicitors. Throughout the deal, the team had continuously updated me of the progress made. The team working in MahWengKwai & Associates (MWKA) had kept me in the loop at all times; which was important for me to decide on the timing to stop paying the monthly loan repayments to my bank and also timing to vacate the property.Selling a property can cause much stress. But, with the assistance of the MWKA team, my worries were clarified and my stress was kept a minimum. I would definitely recommend to appoint the MWKA team for any sale or purchase of property.” – Catherine Wong, Selangor
  • “I greatly appreciate the attentiveness shown by Mr. Richard Wee’s team of solicitors; specifically Puan Sarah Kambali from MahWengKwai & Associates (MWKA) in providing me the much needed legal advice sought.Truly Mr. Richard and his team not only exercised excellent customer-relationship management, but also with fair and reasonable professional fees.I would recommend Richard Wee and his team at MWKA.” – Azreena bt Abdul Wahab, Selangor
  • “I was very impressed by the efficiency and effectiveness of the solicitors at MahWengKwai & Associates (MWKA) in the sale and purchase of a property. I was in close contact with Sarah Kambali whom I believe is one of the most astute lawyers I have come across. This is my second time using MWKA and their level of service has amazed me yet again. They get the job done at a fair rate. I would 100% recommend MWKA.” – Ashvin Danny Holtkamp, Netherlands
  • “It has been a pleasure working with Sarah Kambali. She has taken very good care of my case involving a lost property title, even though it dragged on for almost two years because of the relevant government department. Her follow through has been efficient and very satisfactory to ensure that the title to my property was issued. I would strongly recommend her services to my friends and family for their future needs.” – Ivy Tan, KL
  • “I was very fortunate to have retained the excellent services of MWKA and through them, Sarah Kambali, when dealing with our purchase of a property and what should have been a routine SPA. Although a reputable firm was representing the seller, Sarah’s counterpart was inexperienced and unfamiliar with the simple process. Without Sarah’s assistance, I expect that we would have had to spend a lot more time to finalise the SPA. Further, the seller had tried to renegotiate on terms agreed in the Letter of Offer, but Sarah had very firmly quashed this nonsense. I felt that I was in good hands during the whole time with Raymond and Sarah. ”- Carol Lim, Checkers


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