Edwin graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the University of London and obtained his Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) in 2014.

Edwin’s primary area of expertise is in Civil and Commercial Litigation. Armed with extensive experience and diverse areas of practice, he has appeared in various civil and commercial disputes across various industries. He was one of the very few to be involved in the recovery of assets for a company embroiled in one of the largest financial frauds in history. He had also represented professionals under the Professional Indemnity Scheme in defending them against various claims such as fraud, negligence and breach of professional duties. Apart from that he had also represented several reputable and high ranking individuals in defamation suits. He also occasionally advises various multinational companies on employment issues.

Edwin’s other areas of interest and practice includes Intellectual Property Law, Healthcare, Media Law, Cybersecurity and Privacy.

Career to date

2023    Senior Associate, MahWengKwai & Associates

2021    Legal Assistant, Jayadeep Hari & Jamil

2020   Senior Associate, Rosli Dahlan Saravana Partnership

2016    Associate, Mureli Navaratnam

2015    Pupil-in-Chambers, Mureli Navaratnam

2014    Internship, ZICO Law KL

2014    Internship, Bukit Bendera Community Centre Penang

Educational achievements

2014    Certificate of Legal Practice

2013    Bachelor of Laws (Hons), University of London

Particular litigation experience

Civil and Commercial Litigation

  • Setting aside of an arbitration award for fraud, breach of fiduciary duties and biasness, Federal Court
  • Claim by a company from Netherlands for recovery of debt for products supplied and costs of producing dormant products, High Court
  • Claim against several directors of a company for fraud, High Court
  • Claim against an Interior Designer for defective works, Sessions Court
  • Claim against nurses for breach of their contractual bonds, Sessions Court
  • Claim by a surveyor for breach of contract for their professional services, Sessions Court
  • Defending a prominent bank over an EPF dispute, Federal Court
  • Defending an oil palm plantation Sarawakian company on a tax claim, Federal Court
  • Defending a member of family on a dispute in relation to a bequeath, High Court
  • Defending family members in a will dispute, High Court
  • Defending a trustee of a high value trust for alleged breach of trust, High Court
  • Defending two employees against breach of confidentiality and privacy, High Court
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Debt recovery and execution proceedings


  • Claim against chinese and indian dalies for defamation ranging from allegations of corruption to abuse of power
  • Claim against various other local dailies for defamation based on allegations of abuse of power, negligence, corruption and racism.
  • Claim and defended against other prominent national politicians for defamation

Employment Disputes & Advisory

  • Regularly advise HR related issues
  • Advised a multinational company on a Reduction in Force exercise, termination of high ranking executives, issues on misconduct, disciplinary action and transfer exercise.
  • Defended claims for unfair dismissal for poor performance and misconduct, Industrial Court

Professional Negligence

  • Defended land valuers for purportedly overvaluing of a property, High Court
  • Defended various medical practitioners in various disciplines for negligence
  • Defended many advocates and solicitors for allegations of breach of fiduciary duties, breach of stakeholder duties, breach of undertaking, fraud, conspiracy, negligence, coercion, duress and undue influence


Tel: 03-7887 2702



  • Dispute Resolution

    Banking & Finance
    Commercial Litigation
    Constitutional law
    Data Theft
    Debt Recovery
    Environmental law
    Family Business
    Intellectual Property
    Joint Management Bodies & Management Corporations
    Land Acquisition
    Strata Titles & Common Property

  • Corporate

    Banking & Finance
    Charities & Not-for-profits
    Entrepreneurs & Start-ups
    Environmental law
    Intellectual Property

  • Employment

    Contractual Documentation
    Constructive Dismissal
    Disciplinary Procedures
    Partnership Disputes
    Wrongful Dismissal

  • Individuals & Families

    Family Business
    Syariah Advisory Wills