“Prestige Malaysia 40 Under 40 2020: Meet the all-female honour roll

Prestige Malaysia rings in a brand new decade with fearless women who are raising the stakes. Meet the 40 women to watch who will be changing the game.

This year, we spotlight females in Malaysia who are fighting the good fight in their relentless pursuit for positive change.”

– Prestige Malaysia, November 2020 Edition

MWKA congratulates our Associate, Jasmine Wong, on being recognized by Prestige Malaysia for her ongoing work in standing up for the stateless! 

“Acknowledging her mother’s role in instilling discipline in her from a young age and cultivating her interest in leadership, Jasmine Wong feels strongly that if we are dissatisfied with the system, we ought to express through action by changing the system from within.

“When I first began my legal practice, I was involved in the adoption of several children by Malaysian couples. I still remember the joy the parents had when the judge granted the adoption order for their child. Little did we know, even though the child is now theirs, the child was issued a red birth certificate which states that the child is a bukan warganegara (non-citizen) in capital letters,” says Jasmine, voicing her chagrin at the circumstance and the potential deprivation brought upon by statelessness.

A litigation lawyer at MahWengKwai & Associates, Jasmine specialises in laws on citizenship, medical negligence and personal injury, and employment. She has represented numerous stateless clients in their bids to become recognised citizens and whose plight is of national interest.

“Growing up, I have been fortunate to have the right to education, right to life and freedom to make my own choices. These are the necessities and the privileges that I have had to become who I am today. But I very soon realise that not everyone is privileged to live such a life,” she says. “My dream, therefore, is to be a leader and a vital player in enhancing children’s and women’s rights. I hope to see that one day, these children will enjoy the same rights that I had, in a kinder and more compassionate world.”

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By Cassandra Nicole Thomazios


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