Harun M. Hashim National Client Consultation Competition 2020

29.2.2020 (Saturday)

Law Faculty, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam, Selangor

8am – 12.30pm

On 29.2.2020, Puan Sarah Kambali, MWKA’s Partner, was invited by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam, Selangor to be one of the guest judges for a national competition held in UiTM known as the Harun M. Hashim National Client Consultation Competition 2020 (“the NCCC”).

Puan Sarah was given two slots to judge the NCCC and both took place in the morning. The objective NCCC was to train and develop interviewing skills, advise and counselling between a scenario of client and solicitor. The students that took part in this NCCC were law students from different universities in Malaysia.

During each slot, the client, an independent actor/actress, would enter the room with their grievance of a common theme; which was issues revolving “Damage to Property”.

There were a total of six universities that entered the competition. The teams that had won the two preliminary rounds were Universiti Malaya (UM) and Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UNISZA). During the blind preliminary round, Puan Sarah was a judge for UM Team. The UM Team had shown quite the potential to move forward.

True enough, UM Team was victorious at the final round and will join other teams from all over the world for the Client Consultation Competition in Florida, USA. Congratulations UM Team and here’s hoping to a successful result in the international round.

Thank you, UiTM, for giving the opportunity to be a judge. To be able to contribute to the legal world by sharing the experience of consulting clients.

Link to the event: https://law.uitm.edu.my/v4/index.php/downloads/29-gallery/faculty-events/717-harun-m-hashim-national-client-consultation-competition-2020-demage-to-property-civil-law


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