A testator may appoint any person to be an executor under his will provided that the person is willing and capable of acting as executor. Following the demise of the testator, the executor so appointed will have to apply for a Grant of Probate to administer the estate of the testator.

We advise and assist our clients on a step-by-step basis to ensure that they fully understand the duty of becoming an executor and the legal procedure involved in applying for a Grant of Probate from the High Court.

Our Services

Our services and support include, but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Providing advice on the terms and restrictions stipulated in wills;
  • Providing advice on the fiduciary duties of an executor;
  • Advising beneficiaries of the estate in relation to their rights; and
  • Applying to the High Court for Grant of Probate and all other related applications
  • Defending executors or administrators against allegations of breach of duty;

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Reviews & Testimonials

  • “I highly recommend MahWengKwai & Associates for their exceptional expertise in handling inheritance processes. I recently had the privilege of working with Karmen, Daphne and Aaron to navigate the complex legalities associated with the inheritance of my family estate under various jurisdictions.MWKA demonstrated a deep understanding of inheritance laws and regulations, ensuring that every aspect of the process was meticulously addressed. Their team of experienced attorneys and solicitors provided clear and concise guidance, making it easy to comprehend the legal formalities of the process.

    I was satisfied with their way of managing documentation and translations of the paperwork, ensuring all necessary filings were accurate and submitted in a timely manner. Their personalized approach has undoubtedly made this process smooth and successful. I am grateful for their support and would not hesitate to seek their services again in the future.” -Eric Guillemin, Paris

  • “My mother and I engaged MWKA’s services for grant of probate application. We would like to thank MWKA for their professionalism, particularly Karmen and Aaron who have been very helpful since day one. They are responsive, attentive and have provided us with all the necessary advice and even answered all our questions and concerns professionally. Thank you Karmen, Aaron and the MWKA team. We would definitely recommend MWKA for their services.” – MM & CL, Kuala Lumpur
  • “We approached MWKA to seek legal advice for a grant of probate application. We were connected with Mr Aaron Liew who helped us from start to finish with all the necessaries. He was very professional, answered all our enquires well, and always followed up with urgent matters. Would definitely recommend MWKA to others who may require legal help.” – Ms S, Selangor
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Our lawyers can prepare for you a will to distribute your assets according to your wishes and safeguard your loved ones. We take the time to answer your questions and explain the legal implications of your plans for your estate.

Gan Chong Chieh
Choo Mun Wei
Daphne Rethual
Senior Associate
Aaron Liew
Christopher Guo

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