Forgery relates to falsifying or counterfeiting parts or whole of a document to make it appear genuine. A company or individual who commits such acts would have committed an offence if the acts were done with the intention to injure or defraud another person or company. It is an offence which carries both criminal penalties and civil liabilities.
Forgery and falsification of documents are one of the mechanisms to commit fraud. Fraudulent activities include theft, corruption, conspiracy, money laundering, bribery and extortion. It is an act committed with an intention to deceive and dishonestly make a personal gain for oneself, or causing a loss to another.
Fraud and forgery are inter-related. For example, the effect of forging one’s signature on a contract or a Will will render them null and void because forgery involves an element of fraud.

Our Services

  • Representing and advising clients on their rights and remedies against acts of forgery
  • Representing and defending clients against allegations of forgery
  • Liaising with handwriting and document experts

Our Experience

Advised and represented a property investment group in a dispute its purchase of shares worth RM25 million in a company owing valuable land in Cameron Highlands.Our experiences in the past include: Advising and representing clients in engaging a document and handwriting expert to challenge the validity and authenticity of documents Representing and defending clients in allegations of fraud

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  • “We are a non-profit statutory body providing first aid, healthcare and community services in Malaysia which engaged MahWengKwai & Associates in a dispute. We are very pleased with the services rendered by MWKA, especially Mr Raymond Mah, Ms Hannah Patrick, Mr Naveen Solomon, Ms Fung Kar Men and Mr Aaron Liew who have displayed their professionalism and commitment by giving us the necessary advice and assistance. We are grateful that the matter came to a settlement. MWKA is very attentive to questions and we appreciate their services. Thank you MWKA!”
Choo Mun Wei
Agalya J Munusamy
Senior Associate
Edwin Raj
Senior Associate
Naveen Joshua
Senior Associate
Sebastian Liew
Senior Associate
Jeremy Balang
Senior Associate
Daphne Rethual
Senior Associate
Joseph Khor

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