Matrimonial disputes can be physically and mentally taxing on any individual, more so when there are children involved. 

Although disputes may be unavoidable, at MWKA we aim to assist our clients to resolve their problems without having to engage in lengthy and acrimonious battles. Our services are tailored to ensure that disputes are resolved in a manner that best promotes the interests of our clients and the best interests of any children involved.

Our Services

Our services and support include, but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Divorce 
  • Judicial Separation
  • Annulment of Marriage
  • Child Custody dispute
  • Spouse and Child Maintenance
  • Enforcement of Custody and Maintenance Orders
  • Variation of Custody and Maintenance orders
  • Protection Orders 
  • Injunctions

Our Experience

Our experiences in the past include:

  • Assisting clients in negotiations with the aim of obtaining a joint petition (mutual divorce)  
  • Assisting clients to obtain an annulment of marriage 
  • Assisting client to obtain a judicial separation order
  • Assisting client to obtain an injunction to restrict access of our client’s spouse to their child due to the spouse’s repeated breach of the divorce order
  • Assisting client to obtain an interim protection order against an abusive husband 
  • Assisting client to obtain an interim custody order pending divorce
  • Advising client on a transnational child custody dispute
  • Assisting client to obtain a committal order against our client’s spouse for failure to pay maintenance

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Reviews & Testimonials

  • “I truly appreciate the excellent service, reasonable charges and fast response especially from Jasmine Wong and Rachel Ng for the whole process for the legalisation of documents. I cannot thank you enough for all the effort especially during this hard time (COVID-19). I would definitely recommend MahWengKwai & Associates’ excellent service to anyone.” – Kuan Pui Li, Singapore
  • “Eric Toh and Wong Sue Ann gave sound advice from the very beginning and helped us to navigate this adoption process with great care and attention to detail during a very trying and challenging time. We appreciate all that they have done for our family. They were quick to respond, went the extra mile when needed, and met each unique challenge with solutions. Our lives have been forever changed for the better and they played an important role in making that happen and for that we are truly grateful. We would not hesitate to recommend their adoption and family services to anyone.” – Marc and Sarah, Kuala Lumpur
  • “A big thank you to Eric Toh and Karmen Fung. They were both understanding, professional and worked diligently until the end to ensure everything went on smoothly. I’m so grateful! Highly recommended!” – Ms Suba, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Raymond Mah
Managing Partner
Jasmine Wong
Eric Toh
Janessa Kok
Wong Chee Ee

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