Disciplinary Procedure

It is usually good practice to have disciplinary and grievance procedures put in place in every organisation. Whether an employee is not performing well in their role or has made a complaint about the way they have been treated by an employer, it is important to have clear procedures that ensure appropriate action is taken. When an employer wants to initiate disciplinary proceedings, for reasons such as alleged poor performance or misconduct, this can result in serious consequences for the employee, such as dismissal, a written warning, or some other sanction. We understand that it is a stressful time whether you are the employer initiating a disciplinary action or an employee at the receiving end of that disciplinary action having to deal with such disciplinary matters.
At MWKA, we provide professional, tailored advice that will help you resolve these issues quickly and effectively.

Our Services

Our services and support include, but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Advise on termination of employment
  • Advise on disciplinary actions that can be taken against employees based on misconduct
  • Advise on the process and mechanism of holding a domestic inquiry, drafting of show cause letters, notice to attend disciplinary inquiry, termination letters etc.
  • Advise on the preparation of disciplinary procedures and HR handbook Advise on medical boarding out

Our Experience

Drafted a set of Disciplinary Procedure for a federation.
Advised a federation on how to conduct disciplinary inquiries and taking disciplinary action against its members.

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