Fri, 10 May 2024

9:30 am – 1:30 pm Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Business and Human Rights

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RM450 per pax nett (Refreshments will be provided)

About This Seminar

Unlock the Power of Profitable Ethics! Dive into the seminar, where CSR meets business strategy. Discover how leading companies turn ethical practices into increased revenues, brand loyalty, and market differentiation. From risk management to talent retention, we will unveil the strategies that do not just do good—they are good for business. Do not just follow the trend, lead with Profitable Ethics!

The talk will be delivered in person at the Conference Room, MahWengKwai & Associates.

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Exploring the strategic alignment of CSR with core business objectives. Understanding how ethical practices can drive profitability and brand loyalty. Mastering the tools to integrate human rights considerations seamlessly into business operations.

Seminar Points

  • Understanding the legal implications of CSR integration in corporate strategy.
  • Grasping the immediate compliance benefits of adopting ethical practices.
  • Examining case studies that highlight legal successes and pitfalls in human rights integration.
  • Recognising how corporate sustainability can enhance legal standing and brand reputation.
  • Strategising risk management from both legal and sustainability perspectives

Learning Outcomes

In this 4-hour seminar, participants will delve into the legal framework underpinning CSR and its strategic implications. They will uncover the tangible legal advantages of embedding ethical standards in business, drawing from real-world human rights case studies. The seminar emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between corporate sustainability and legal positioning, equipping attendees with tools to formulate risk strategies that seamlessly blend these two crucial perspectives, ultimately enhancing brand value and corporate reputation.

Seminar features:

  • High Engagement
  • Small groups
  • Hands-on learning

Target Audience

  • Corporate Executives and Managers
  • Chief People Officer/ HR Director
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Chief Risk Officers (CRO)


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