We have experience in advising bodies governed under the Companies Act and other corporate entities including but not limited to Private Limited Companies, Public Listed Companies, Charitable Corporations, Companies limited by Guarantee, Partnerships, Societies and Associations. Our areas of practice include corporate governance, advising on directors’ duties, shareholder rights, restructuring and general advisory. 

Our Services

Our services include: :

  • Advising on the unique needs of individual companies across a broad range of industry sectors.
  • Identify the laws and regulations applicable to the clients’ businesses including relevant business rules, codes and policies.
  • Provide legal advisory and support to our clients on the Companies Act and/or any other statutes, rules and regulations.
  • Provide expertise in relation to registration, structure and requirements for legal entities.
  • Provide corporate advisory for directors, managers and employees on various legal compliance topics.
  • Review documents, M&A’s, constitutions, policies, guidelines and structures in light of the relevant laws and regulations.

Our Experience

Our experience includes:

  • Advising an international charitable organisation on the rules, regulations and corporate structure on setting up an NGO in Malaysia.
  • Advising a public listed company on the relevant rules and regulations pertaining to special resolutions and board of directors approval.
  • Advising foreign individuals on best corporate structure to set up a company in Malaysia to carry out pharmaceutical business. 
  • Advising directors of private limited company on their role and responsibilities under the Companies Act. 
  • Advisory and review of public listed company M&A and its subsidiaries company constitution.

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