By Lisa Goh

Mei Lum, MahWengKwai & Associates (MWKA)’s chief technology officer, was recently nominated by Asia Law Portal as one of the “30 people to watch in the business of law in Asia in 2019”. 

Asia Law Portal highlighted that MWKA had recently set up its own technology research and development arm based in Singapore, under MWKA Technologies Pte Ltd (MWKA Tech), headed by Mei. MWKA Tech is a member of ACCESS (the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association) and Singapore Fintech Association. 

Mei, who is co-founder and principal consultant of MWKA Tech, leads the research and development team, specialising in innovation, strategy, and digital transformation, using the Agile methodology.  

MWKA Tech also offers advisory and project management services to the firm’s clients who wish to explore these technologies to maintain or increase their competitive advantage.

The Asia Law Portal reported that the legal markets in Asia-Pacific in 2018 were characterized by trends including the exponential growth of technology deployment and innovation. 

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By Lisa Goh