The dragon of the east awakens. China in the past decade has reinvented itself and has found its place in the world as an important emerging economy. The Belt and Road initiative, the strong support by the Chinese government committed to stable economic growth and WTO accession will fast see the Chinese economy and Chinese markets becoming more and more influential in the coming years. Opportunities abound and heralds the arrival of business and investment opportunities in the region. Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), rich with natural resources are seeing a dynamic vibrant boost in its economic community which is projected to be the fourth largest economy come 2050. The robust growth in China and ASEAN has seen much movement in cross border transactions and trade.

Our Services

Our services and support include, but is not limited to the following areas: Advise and assist applications of non-Malaysians under the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program. Advise and assist Chinese and/or ASEAN corporations setting up businesses and companies in Malaysia. Advise and assist Malaysian companies setting up businesses and companies in China and/or ASEAN countries. Provide support to conduct credit reporting searches on companies and individuals. Advise and assist in Mergers, Acquisitions and joint ventures in China and/or ASEAN. Other cross border transactions.
MWKA is a supporting member of the League of Lawyers and as we have your best interests at heart, we do provide cross referrals from time to time with our League of Lawyers counterparts.

Our Experience

Advised and drafting a sale and purchase agreement for a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Chinese company with a value in excess of RM130 million
Advised a Chinese industrial gas supplier corporation on employment related matters.

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Managing Partner
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Senior Associate
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